About US


(TBCC) Tamadon Bamik Construction, Construction Material Production & Engineering Company is subsidiary of a group of companies called ZOHAK HOLDING GROUP and an active as well Tamadon Bamik Construction, Construction Material Production & Engineering Company  (TBCC) is non-governmental & non-political organization & has been working more than 12 years in the field of construction, engineering, infrastructure & operation/maintenance (O&M). We have active, professional & expert local & international engineers & workers. TBCC has completed many projects with many clients and contractors in Afghanistan in all provinces. All these works have been done with high quality & as per International standards successfully. We provide Design-Build construction services through high competency team of designers & engineers. We seek collaborative, technical & professional relationships with clients, contractors, governmental & non-governmental organizations to offer the highest level of engineering solutions.


  • To provide construction solutions for the major clients involved in the critical projects in the country
  • To contribute to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan
  • To maintain a sustainable environment in the future
  • To encourage Afghans to participate in reconstruction & rehabilitation of Afghanistan
  • To have a significant role in construction & reconstruction of country infrastructures
  • To improve the capacity of the country in construction & engineering in the future
  • To implement the important projects for military forces & public to support them


Tamadon Bamik Construction, Construction Material Production & Engineering Company mission is to achieve client satisfaction through associate teaming partners to deliver high quality services, ensuring fully integrated whole-of-life cycle outcomes. TBCC has the capability to respond to any client’s need in a timely fashion manner.